Monday, July 9, 2012

21 miles last week total!

Last week the weather was to die for and the mornings were just right. I ran 21 miles in 1 week! I think I could get used to these warm temperatures, especially since I didn't have to layer up. My new favorite workout gear is my Zella shorts and a tank. It is hot! 

I also did a great training today that I think will help me out in the long-run. I want to become a faster runner so I asked a couple people at the gym and this is what I did. Went down to a track at the school and ran 2 miles. I alternated between 1 lap sprint and then 1 lap jog. After a while I was really sore but I hope that it helps to develop those sprint muscles! I am going to try that once a week. My goal is to be quicker! 

It was also 4th of July week so here is a beautiful view of where we were :)
Ruston Way
This week: Focus more on swimming! Since the weather is so warm, I am going to go out to a lake (my bf lives on) and swim :) With all the running I've been doing I haven't been swimming as much as I'd like. 2 days a week just doesn't cut it. So my goals this week are to swim more and run longer runs just a couple times instead of every day. I just bought new goggles that I am excited to try out! 

Happy Monday!

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