Tuesday, October 16, 2012

fit in a run after a long day at work

Motivation...that is what I needed today! After working all day and standing on my feet in uncomfortable shoes, all I wanted to do was go home and lay on the couch with some chips. It was a hard day! Not only was I tired from work I had a bunch of traffic to top it all off. Cry me a river...

As soon as I got home I wrote a couple emails and decided it was just too sunny of a day not to go for a run. I knew that I would feel better afterwards anyways. You always do right?

My other secret to motivating myself to run is picking a route that also has a shortcut just in case. That way lets say my favorite 3.5 mile run has a shortcut at the 1.5 mile mark and can cut my run into a 2 miler. I love this because I talk myself into at least doing the "short" run if I'm tired. I have yet to take the shortcut! This totally works ;) 

So...it was a great run today with my little yorkie Teddy :)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Back on!

I have taken a break from writing and blogging but I have not quit running! It has been difficult learning how to balance all the different activities that I love, now that I have my full time job. I am proud to say I have been running on average 15 miles a week though! I have also registered for 2 new races that are coming up: Mustache Dash and the Black Cat Run :)  

Now that I work during the day, I have switched to running in the evening and it is just not the same. I loved running first thing in the morning and having time to relax afterwards or hit the gym. I have to push myself to run now since I'm exhausted after work but I never regret it. I love the feeling of a nice run after work to clear my mind. Nothing works like a run. 

I am also excited for these 2 runs coming up in the next 2 months. When I was at the gym today I also saw a sign up for the Turkey Trot in NOvember. I will be signing up for that run as well :) 

I will start writing again and look forward to continuing my running in this rainy cold weather that is just around the corner. A couple weeks ago I also received a few amazing products that I have been reviewing. I cant wait to share! 

Love, Maggie