Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Swimming helps my running!

Before I started running a couple months ago, I had been swimming for many years. Not swimming miles every week but swimming a couple laps here and there. I always loved to swim just for fun. Since I started training for my triathlon a couple months ago, I realized that swimming has really helped me to run longer distances and control my breathing! Anyone else feel like they have seen a difference? Slowly after I started training more and swimming more often, I began to notice a difference in my runs. I could keep a good pace for longer and not run out of breath like before. I think to train for my half marathon I will start swimming more and alternating my workouts. Not being able to listen to music I'll admit is one of the worst things about swimming. Otherwise I love it! 

I have found swimming has helped me become a better runner in these ways:

  • Helps me stretch out my body after a good run. I feel more flexible!
  • Breath control. It really helps me control my breathing and learn to pace myself. It really forces a rhythmic breathing. 
  • Builds stronger arms which in turn helps with running. You need those arms for controlling strides!

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